August 2019

Special pull-out guide on dating family photos (one of our favourite topics), learn how to trace adoption in your family, get free records worth £29, plus more ways to start writing up your family tree! ... Read More >>

On Sale: 02 Jul 2019

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Inside the August 2019 issue of Family Tree:

Discover the clues in your old family photos: bumper pull-out guide

Dress and photographic historian Jayne Shrimpton will take you through a timeline of family history photos, helping you learn how to spot the clues in clothing, format and photography studio, to help you date your family photos – and so solve the mystery of which of your ancestors captured in your sepia keepsakes.

Adoption in the family

Professional genealogist Dr Penny Walters will show you the steps and sources you need to trace to research adoption in your family, with practical advice and real-life case studies.

10 different ways to write up your family history

There’s no holy grail to writing up your family history. We show you 10 completely different ways to make this challenging task something you’ll find you can do quite easily (and your future generations will be so pleased you did!)

Non-British and overseas research

Whether you’re researching a surname or have just taken a DNA test you’ll know all too well that the bonds of family know no boundaries. Learn how to scour the whole world wide web for clues to track down ancestors throughout the globe

Plus the Family Tree magazine regulars, to help family history enthusiasts gain practical genealogy knowledge:

Taken a DNA test? Now what? – DNA explained in simple terms
Techy tips for family historians – see how you can help with an indexing project
Your questions answered – researchers help readers solve their family history puzzles