August 2018

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Inside the August 2018 issue of Family Tree magazine you can enjoy:

Researching old occupations

Finding out about you’re the jobs your ancestors once did is one of the most rewarding research trails to follow. It opens a door to a different world, with bygone skills, and gives you a sense of the communities your ancestor lived in, their income and the lifestyle it afforded them, and a sense of their lives from day to day. Discover the employment records that will help you trace your ancestors’ occupations in our handy guide

Heraldry for beginners

Get to grips with coats of arms and uncover the clues from history they hold. Learn how to decipher the clues from the past in a tradition that goes back centuries

Spanish flu of 1918  

As if four years of war wasn’t enough, 1918 saw influenza sweep the globe – striking down many of our ancestors in it’s path. We look back at this disease and examine the impact it had on families a century ago

Taken a DNA test? Now what?

Our popular new series to help family historians make sense of their DNA test results continues. We answer those popular questions, explain what the findings reveal, and show readers how to make the most of genetic genealogy in their family tree search