September 2020

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The ultimate guide to DNA testing companies and how each one can help your research. Plus, learn how to trace hospital records, free records worth £28 and how to use the census for property records

On Sale: 07/08/2020

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What's in this Issue?

Inside the September 2020 issue of Family Tree:

DNA user guide - Learn how to get the most out of your DNA match list simply using the tools available on the website you tested with leading genetic genealogist Michelle Leonard. Includes a DNA companies pros & cons check list - See our check list of key pros and cons in our handy DNA user summary.

How to trace your family in the 20th century - Discover do-able ways to trace your family in more recent times - uncover the lives of your Edwardians up until the 1940s, with must-search sources to try from Paul F Cockburn. This was a seismic chapter in history so be sure to trace and treasure their lives.

Dig deeper - Master how to weave clues you find in the census records, with those details found in property records, and get much more meat on the bones of your family story. Donald Davis explains how he has done just this in his own research

Examined! Learn how to track down medical records, where to find hospital and asylum records, and see what they might tell you about your ancestor’s illness with Dr Simon Wills

DNA workshop - our DNA advisor Karen Evans explains how DNA might be used to trace family back to the 1700s

Church rule! - Where you sat in church mattered. Adele Emm gives a history of church pews and what they said about your ancestors’ place in the community

Plus our reader stories...

A tale of a family rift and a reconciliation, and the photo that marks this poignant chapter in reader Gavin Ranson’s family history

Discover how reader Marlee Logan traced her family from America back to Tudor England

Did your ancestor do a moonlit flit? Reader Rosie Novis’s did. Here she tells the tale of her ancestor who sought a new name and a fresh start

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