November 2021

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This issue we look at expert research skills – and the importance of using original records. We hear from a researcher who has uncovered fascinating new evidence about our WW1 soldier ancestors, and from a family historian who has pieced together a family tree that is almost fit for a king… Plus – if you are new to genealogy – check out mini guide that is packed with useful tips to make the most of your precious research time and energy

On Sale: 08/10/2021

What's in this issue?

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What's in this Issue?

The value of using original records
Family Tree Academy tutor David Annal shows how they can help to find that incontrovertible link

A mini guide to starting genealogy
Here are some tips to kick-start your family history search

Trace your family heroes
Explore the military collections on Ancestry

Irish land records
Family historian Chris Paton provides an overview of some of the land records useful for Irish-based research

In search of a family legend
Clare Kirk weaves a masterful account of her complex family history

Really Useful Family History Show programme
Peruse the full programme of the upcoming online show from the Family History Federation

Why family history matters
Chris Broom reflects on the unique nature of each of us and importance of family history

Alcohol insanity
Archivist Lisa Edwards looks at Victorian attitudes to mental health and the long-reaching consequences on our families

Soldiers discharged as ‘lunatics’
Brenda Findlay's research into historic newspapers has uncovered some disturbing circumstances

Gill Shaw unravels more Riboldi riddles & colourful characters

Turn back time
Try out the easy-to-use photo-restoration tool – Vivid-Pix

Your DNA Workshop
DNA advisor Karen Evans helps to piece together some very confusing pieces of a DNA puzzle

Europe’s worst Earthquake
Dr Simon Wills provides tips to research the victims & heroes

Spotlight on...
Cumbria Family History Society with John Steel

Dreaming of ancestors
Diane Lindsay’s sleep has been interrupted by an ancestral visitation from a Regency forebear

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