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This month we celebrate 35 years of Family Tree Magazine! Celebrate your ancestors and discover how to trace back 300 years! PRINT EDITION INCLUDES FAMILY HISTORY HANDBOOK 2020.

On Sale: 19/11/2019

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What's in this Issue?

Celebrate your ancestors and discover how to trace back 300 years!

We’ve got must-search records and essential websites to help you trace your Georgian family.


Discover the 5 top tips that will help you become a better family history researcher

Enjoy our DNA wish list – with 12 ways that DNA might be able to boost your sleuthing

Take our Family Tree Academy test and see how good you are at ancestor-hunting

Cosy up with our fun family history quiz – 35 questions to celebrate 35 years of Family Tree – helping readers since 1984

With print edition… your Family History Handbook 2020, in association with ancestry… Start your own DNA journey and take your family research further with the brand new Family History Handbook 2020, produced in association with ancestry.

Essential tips and advice on using ancestry

500 must-search websites detailed

50 family history questions answered

The 100-page handbook (usually priced £5.99) is included with the Xmas 2019 print edition of Family Tree. 

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