April 2017

Organise your family tree, investigate your surname, plus a guide to the UK's biggest family history show! ... Read More >>

On Sale: 15 Mar 2017

£3.99 Single Issue

Inside our April issue you can enjoy:

  • Behind-the-scenes exclusive show guide- We go behind the scenes to chat to the expert researchers, the genealogy lecturers and specialist family history companies that make Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE
  • How to start your family tree, from home, online, free- Family history doesn’t have to be hard or expensive when you first start out and following the simple steps and search-savvy advice of Rachel Bellerby you’ll learn how to do your family tree, find out about the lives of your ancestors and create a family history to be proud of.
  • Hot foot to Gretna Green- Eloping to marry isn’t just the stuff of novels – some of our ancestors actually run away to marry. Research the records of ancestors impulsive in love
  • Your shipbuilder ancestors- Explore your shipbuilder ancestors, their lives and work, the many occupations involved.
  • Budgeting & bankruptcy- With the annual budget upon us, take some time out to think about our family members who ended up in debtors’ jail.

Plus lots more!