Flesh & Blood: A History of My Family in Seven Maladies


22 November 2017
Flesh-and-Blood-83705.jpg Flesh and Blood by Stephen McGann.
We take a look at 'Call the Midwife' actor Stephen McGann's book dedicated to his family history.

If you enjoy a celebrity read, this fascinating family history by Liverpool-born actor Stephen McGann – Doctor Turner in TV’s Call the Midwife – could just keep you from your Christmas pud, if youre lucky enough for it to appear wrapped under your tree this Christmas. 


Described by Jenny Agutter as a ‘living drama extracted like buried treasure from old documents and the hand-me-down stories of his relatives’, Flesh & Blood: A History of My Family in Seven Maladies is the history of the McGanns (yes, the famously acting McGann brothers) told through a series of ancestors’ afflictions over the past 150 years: hunger, pestilence, exposure, trauma, breathlessness, heart problems and necrosis.


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McGanns escaped the Irish famine and survived the Titanic and the world wars, all of which the actor explains helped to shape his family and his personal sense of identity.


• ISBN: 9781471160813. RRP £20, hardback, £3.99 Kindle, paperback out in January 2018 (£8.99). Simon & Schuster.


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