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11 February 2020
Paul Dale Roberts shares a little of his Roberts family, his Valtilles roots, and hints at the many colourful characters in his wider family tree

I would like to share a story with you, along with some family photos. The very old black and white photos are family photos I came across in an old dusty cobweb filled box in our home attic. Their names are unknown. I do know that I am related to the Valtilles.

There is an old family legend about the Valtilles, who are also related to the Bossu family of Lille, France. The story goes that a newspaper or a magazine ran an advertisement that if a Valtille could provide them information on where the Valtille name came from, that this Valtille would win an inheritance from the noble line of Valtilles. The secret was that the Valtilles originated from England and were known as the Waltilles and changed their name to Valtille for unknown reasons. This of course is a family legend that has been passed down through generations. The Valtilles through marriage are supposed to have two relatives (a husband and wife) that were on the doomed fated Titanic. The story goes that the woman refused to take off her money belt when she hit the water and the husband tried desperately to have her take off the money belt. She refused and drowned. The husband lived.

The Valtilles finally moved to Oklahoma and that is where my grandmother Sophie Roberts comes in. Sophie Roberts was originally a ‘Valtille’. She was known in Lehigh, Oklahoma as the ‘angry French woman’, for reasons unknown to me. She moved into a home in Lehigh, Oklahoma that was built on the blood money of a former sheriff who killed a man for his money and built the home that Sophie Roberts moved into with her husband, my grandfather Emile Roberts.

Sophie had two sons, Paul Marceau Roberts and George Roberts. Paul Marceau Roberts is my father. Her daughter was Yvonne (Leaird) Roberts.

The picture of the solitary man is of my father Paul Marceau Roberts who became a State government tax investigator/auditor and later a tax administrator II for the government. Paul Marceau Roberts investigated cases that involved the Church of Scientology and a corporation run by the former gangster Mickey Cohen. Paul Marceau Roberts gained his pilot's licence and would fly small Cessna airplanes for fun and would eventually travel around the world on lavish vacations to exotic places from Portugal to Gibraltar and of course France. He served in the Army, while the Korean War was going on and served as a lineman for a Signal Battalion in Korea.

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His wife, my mother, featured in the family group picture (father, mother and son), is Rosemarie Roberts, formerly known as Rosita Causing. Rosemarie Roberts was a Rosie the Riveteer in WWII and as a teenager laboured in grape fields in Imperial Valley. Rosemarie Roberts’ favourite places to vacation were Mexico and Hawaii. My mother was of Filipino, Chinese and Mexican descent and families that were connected to her were Soyo, Tanzo, Guyo, Villalobos, Ayala, Rodriguez, Guitterrez, Lafayette. My mother died in 1987 of breast cancer.  On the Roberts side, the Roberts are related to Richer, Abrasard, Laloux, Farris, Lambert, Tournay and White. The small boy in this picture is me.

My two half-brothers were Andres ‘Andy’ Somprise Soyo and Joseph ‘Joe’ Soyo. My mother Rosita Causing aka Rosemarie Roberts had two sons out of wedlock. Andy Soyo's father was Joe Auello and Joseph Soyo's father was Alfred Randall. Legend has it that the Roberts family is related to Bartholemew ‘Black Bart’ Roberts the pirate. When traveling to Wales, I met many Roberts and the Roberts that I met make claim to being related to the pirate. Black Bart was a colourful character and it seems to me that colourful people run in my family by blood, or we are attracted to them by marriage.

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