Treasured join Family Tree Academy Conference


08 September 2020
We're delighted to announce that Treasured – the website that lets you curate family stories and genealogy into interactive 3D museums – are partnering Family Tree for the next two Family Tree Academy conferences.

The Family Tree Academy Morning Conference takes place between 14 and 17 September right here on the Family Tree website, and Treasured will be showcasing their incredible interactive museums as part of the online event.

Treasured is a software-based company focused on helping families preserve and showcase their history. Treasured aims to prevent the loss of family history by engaging younger generations. Its core platform will allow families to become the master curator of an interactive digital family archive.

Members of TreasureWorld can easily upload their media, organise their stories, and share access with loved ones. The Treasured Platform launched with great success at RootsTech 2020, and the team won the title of Leading Exhibitor and Global Innovator at RootsTech earlier this year. Read more about Treasured in our exclusive blog.

The provisional for the conference programme includes a special Webinar from the Treasured team, giving you a taste of what the innovative software has to offer family historians.

Provisional Conference Programme…

Monday 14 September

11.30am - Discover how Treasured can help you showcase stories in your own virtual museum! 

Tuesday 15 September

11.30am – WEBINAR: Working with DNA for family history. Register now

Join us for Michelle Leonard’s online learning experience. This workshop is for you if you want to discover how to get the most out of your DNA results and use them to enhance your family tree.

Wednesday 16 September

11.30am – WEBINAR: Setting up and keeping organised family history files. Register now

Join us for Jackie Depelle’s online learning experience. This workshop is for you if you want to discover ways to keep your family history files nice and organised.

Thursday 17 September

11.30am – WEBINAR: Dating and understanding Victorian family photos. Register now

Join us for Jayne Shrimpton's online talk on how to date and understand our Victorian family photos. Our family photos are some of our most precious family heirlooms. Not only are they objects to be cherished, they can also be extremely useful giving clues and insights into our ancestors' lives. In this online talk Jayne Shrimpton will cover the range of Victorian photos from ambrotypes and daguerrotypes, to Cabinet cards, cartes des visites and tin-types too.

Find out more about the Conference in our dedicated pages… we can't wait to see you!