Trace your family worldwide


08 October 2016
Map-of-world-59312.jpg Map showing the extent of the British Empire in 1886
Discover the global story of your family tree

Discover the global story of your family tree! In Family Tree November Dr Bruce Durie explores the ties that bind our family history across the world. Here he reminds us it’s not all about convicts and transportees and shares some essential resources for tracing migrant ancestors.

Britons have migrated abroad for centuries, the vast majority voluntarily. Most emigration was to the old British Empire, which became the Commonwealth – the Americas, Canada, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and elsewhere. For links and resources, start here:

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Dr Bruce Durie is a professional genealogist and heraldist living and working in Scotland, and is Shennachie (genealogist & historian) to the Chief of Durie and to COSCA. He spent most of 2016 in the USA researching Scottish Lowlands Migration courtesy of a Fulbright Senior Scottish Studies Scholar award. He also teaches for the universities of Strathclyde and Edinburgh.