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07 May 2021
Working with the #HouseHistoryHour team of leading UK house historians, Family Tree will be holding the House History Show, online, on 15 May 2021. Please find the latest news and programme details below

The House History Show is aimed at all those interested in tracing the history of buildings and the people who once lived in them.

About the programme

To download the full programme, please click here.

The full-day programme will include a one-hour Keynote: A House Through Time – which will feature a conversation with historical consultant Deborah Sugg Ryan and research consultant Melanie Backe-Hansen from the popular BBC series A House Through Time. The day will also comprise presentations and discussions.

Topics to look forward to during the House History Show include: ‘Terraced House Tales: New 19th Century Housing and its Occupants’ with Karen Averby, ‘Stepping Sideways: How to Step Round Brick Walls’ with Gill Blanchard, ‘Keynote: Sources for House History’ with Dr Nick Barratt, followed by 'In conversation with' Keith Searle, ‘London: Building Storeys’ with Ellen Leslie, ‘Don’t Judge a House by its Plaque’ with Cathy Soughton.

Subsequent House History lectures in the summer series are: ‘Back to the Land: The National Farm Survey, Inland Revenue Survey, Tithe & Land Records’ with Gill Blanchard, ‘Who’s Been Living in My House?’ with Ellen Leslie, ‘A Virtual View: Online Sources’ with Cathy Soughton and Karen Averby, and ‘The Interwar House: From Tenant to Home Owner’ with Prof Deborah Sugg Ryan.

All presentations, both those on 15 May, and in the subsequent summer lecture series, will be made available as recordings online until 10 July 2021, to paid ticket holders of the live events.

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About the House History Show experts

The combined expertise of the #HouseHistoryHour team of experts – Prof. Deborah Sugg Ryan, Dr. Nick Barratt, Karen Averby, Melanie Backe-Hansen, Gill Blanchard, Ellen Leslie, Keith Searle and Cathy Soughton – bring together a wealth of experience and will provide inspiring presentations on the records and research skills needed to help you to trace the history of a home.

To book your House History Show tickets

The House History Show will be held online on 15 May 2021. Tickets are £45 and include the full day of presentations and the series of four summer house history lectures that will be running from 20 May.

Individual tickets for the summer lecture series are also available, £10 each; as is a ticket bundle for the summer lecture series, £25.

To book your all-inclusive House History Show & summer lecture series ticket, £45, click here.

To book your bunlde of 4 summer lectures, £25, click here.

To find out about the full range of tickets and to book individual tickets in the summer lecture series (£10 each), please click here.

To find out more

To download the full programme, please click here.

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