The Great Train Robbery – On this day in history


08 August 2016
Train_Robbers_Bridge_Network_Rail_plaque-23634.jpg A Network Rail plaque on Train Robbers' Bridge (also known as Bridego Railway Bridge), where the Great Train Robbers struck
On this day, 8 August 1963,

On this day, 8 August 1963, the Great Train Robbery takes place on the Glasgow to Euston Royal Mail train, with a gang of 15 thieves, led by criminal Bruce Reynolds, escaping with £2.6 million in used banknotes.

The mail train, which was known as the Up Special, had run the same route for 125 years without incident when it was targeted by the robbers in Buckinghamshire, at 3.15am. The train was stopped at a rigged red light, where the gang uncoupled the two front carriages and drove them a mile away to Bridego Railway Bridge, where they loaded the mail and money bags into a waiting lorry.

Most mail sorters on the train were unaware of the incident, but four postal workers were restrained during the 20-minute robbery and the driver, Jack Mills, suffered head injuries after being hit with an iron bar, and is said to have never fully recovered.

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(Photo by Spborthwick)

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