Tales of Tower Bridge


04 June 2021
For more than 125 years, London’s Tower Bridge has been an unforgettable landmark on the city’s fast-changing landscape. Now, a new project is uncovering stories of those who helped to build the iconic structure

Part of an ever-evolving archive of over 125 years of social history at the Bridge that was kick-started as a result of UK-wide research carried out in partnership with Royal Holloway, University of London, the team at the Bridge has been working to compile a comprehensive archive of the lives behind the landmark.

The research has so far uncovered living relatives of a number of the workers, alongside a number of archive photos and surviving documents not previously revealed to the public. And new tales can be added at any time, as staff at the bridge regularly speak to visitors with a family connection to its history. One such story is that of Charlotte Olive Dora Burch, known as Olive, who was the first female employee at Tower Bridge. Her story was uncovered in 2018, allowing her to overtake the record of Hannah Griggs, the previous record holder. Born in Devonport, Plymouth, Olive worked for the first bridge master, Angelo Bertie Cator and his family.

Find out more about the history of Tower Bridge at the Tower Bridge website.

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(image copyright Tower Bridge)