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22 March 2019
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How to find & use maps for family history

How to find & use maps for family history


Tahitia McCabe will be speaking on ‘British geographic resources: An Introduction’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Tahitia McCabe’s talk:

Maps and other geographic resources really help genealogists understand how and where our ancestors lived, revealing a landscape that will all to likely have looked very different in the past. The talk will introduce these geographic sources, many of which are free online, showing you how to use them to get a better feeling for the places your ancestors once lived.


Tahitia McCabe writes:

In my talk I’ll concentrate on an introduction of the map and geographic resources for England, Scotland and Wales and show you how to find such online. I’ll also be sharing tips on getting the best out of a selection of such sites.


In this geographical journey to the past you will learn about:

  • An overview of the types of maps that can be found (town plans, tithe maps, Ordnance Survey, military, estate/parish).
  • Online resources including the National Library of Scotland’s map collection and more.
  • Historic Environment Portals: These sites are excellent sources of maps, historic records and images of places and buildings: ScotlandsPlaces, Historic Wales/Coflein, and Historic England.


This talk is for you if you’d like to learn about historic maps, how to use them (often for free online) and where to find them on the web.

Suitable for many levels of family history researcher, beginner to intermediate.

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Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Tahitia McCabe will be speaking at 15.15 on Friday 26 April 2019


Mini bio:

Tahitia McCabe is the course director for the University of Strathclyde’s Genealogical Studies Programme and lead educator on the Genealogy: Researching Your Family Tree MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses).

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