New initiatives to help you keep researching


26 March 2020
In recent weeks we have all had to change priorities and put our safety first. Our pastime may seem trivial right now – of course safety takes priority – but spending time on family history can be a welcome distraction whilst we’re staying safe at home.

The Family Tree team are determined to do everything we can to help family historians around the world carry on with their genealogy research during these tough times.

With that in mind, we’ve started a number of new initiatives, as follows:

Get the print issue delivered to your door (no risk £3 offer)

To help you continue reading Family Tree magazine during the lockdown, we've introduced a special subscription offer: you can now get your first three issues for just £3 and we'll deliver them straight to your door. Find out more.

After your first three issues your subscription changes to a quarterly Direct Debit of £10.99. However, whilst we hope you’ll love the magazine and want to continue receiving it through the post, we are relaxing our minimum term rule which means you can cancel your subscription after your three free issues with no charge. It's a no-risk way to try the mag whilst we're at home.

Go digital

The digital edition of Family Tree is read right around the world and is hugely popular, featuring videos, audio and image galleries in addition to the wide range of guides, hints, tips and updates. The digital edition also features an 'Easy-reader' option so you can read the text at a size that suits you. Find out more and take advantage of our latest offers.

'Daily inspiration’ activities, hints and tips

We've introduced a new section to the website and are also adding daily updates, tips, guides and more onto our social media platforms. Click on the social media icons at the top fo the page and make sure you follow us.

A series of informative video guides (free to magazine subscribers)

The Family Tree Videos Library is growing all the time, so why not sit back and watch an expert guide? The videos are free to subscribers (so why not take advantage of the 3 for £3 offer?) or you can rent the video guides for as little as £1.99.

Brand new Family Tree podcast

We're so excited to have launched our own podcast! It's completely free and features interviews with top genealogy experts, updates from the team, and plenty more. Listen now!

New weekly newsletter

We're now sending out a new weekly email each Monday, packed with more inspiration, hints and tips to get you motivated for the coming week. The Family Tree newsletter is completely FREE so be sure to sign up today!

We’re in this together

Finding a new branch or relative in your family tree is just the kind of good news story we need right now, giving us something to tell our loved ones, even if we have to share by email or phone.

We’re in this together, we're here to help and we want you to become part of the global genealogy community. We hope you find the time to enjoy our daily inspiration, emails, podcast, and digital magazine.