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23 March 2019
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How to trace prisoners of war

How to trace prisoners of war


Sarah Paterson will be speaking on ‘Tracing prisoners of war and internees in the First and Second World Wars’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Sarah Paterson’s talk:

The talk looks at the prisoner experience (both military and civilian) and suggests ways to find out more about ancestors taken captive in either conflict.

In her talk Sarah Paterson will cover:

  • The common characteristics of the Prisoner of War experience
  • Different types of records to use to research your PoW
  • Death and memorial records
  • Prisoner of War camp magazines
  • Useful research tips

Many thousands of our ancestors were taken prisoner in both world wars, suffering extreme hardship, psychological trauma and even death.


This talk is for you if one of your ancestors became a Prisoner of War or if you are interested in widening your military history research knowledge.

Suitable for many levels of family history researcher, beginner to intermediate.


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Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Sarah Paterson will be speaking at 11.30 on Saturday 27 April 2019


Mini bio:

Sarah Paterson is a librarian in a national museum, and is the author of ‘Tracing your prisoner of war ancestors: the First World War: a guide for beginners’


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