Professor Suzannah Lipscomb uncovers new details about her family history


06 September 2023
The heart-rending story of Professor Lipscomb's maternal biological grandparents, who gave up her mother for adoption immediately after her birth, has been uncovered in the first episode of a new podcast from FindMyPast.

The first series of the podcast, which is fronted by Professor Lipscomb, consists of three episodes, which reveal the stories of a guest’s ancestors and their connections to a place cared for by the National Trust.

In addition to Suzannah’s episode, the series features a deep dive into the family stories connected to two major National Trust properties: Quarry Bank in Cheshire, and Wordsworth House in Cumbria. In these episodes, Suzannah takes a guest through the fascinating stories and experiences of their ancestors who lived and worked at these places. 


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Researchers from FindMyPast analysed their extensive record collection to discover the stories and crack the mysteries within Suzannah’s family tree as well as the two individuals linked with National Trust properties. 

Professor Lipscomb said: “As a historian my entire job revolves around learning about and telling stories relating to others – so I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as host for the new ‘Step into the Past’ podcast series. It’s also been fascinating – and somewhat emotional – to be sat on the other side of the table for the launch episode, learning about the many ups and downs of my own relatives’ lives. 

Listen to Step Into The Past from Podfollow.

(Report and image courtesy of FindMyPast)