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23 January 2019
Paul-Carter-33872.jpg Paul Carter
Why you need a family history website & how to do one


Why you need a family history website & how to do one

Paul Carter will be speaking on ‘Publishing your family history research online - why and how?’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Paul Carter’s talk:

As someone curious about family history you’ll certainly have looked at the family history websites and blogs of other people with great interest. Perhaps you’ve wished to have one of your own too, but aren’t sure how to go about this?

In his presentation Paul Carter will examine how publicising details and stories from your family history to a global web audience can be both a rewarding and a productive outlet for your research. He will show you how making connections with those sharing a common interest is a key research technique – whether you are investigating an individual, a family or a place.


Paul writes:

What better way to help find those connections with other people who share your interest areas than making your research subjects available in Google and other web searches?

In my talk you will discover how to go about publishing details of your research for maximum effect. I’ll show you what to publish – and why you should withhold some information too…


This talk is for you if you’d like to get your family history online and enhance your research. 

Suitable for all levels of family history research, both those of limited and more advanced technical abilities.


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Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Paul Carter will be speaking at 13.45 on Saturday 27 April 2019


Mini bio:

Paul Carter is a web developer, genealogist, Family Tree magazine contributor and technical lead for the online family history database app Name and Place.


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