Over 1 million people attended RootsTech Connect 2021


05 March 2021
RootsTech Connect has revealed its visitor figures for the weekend 25-27 February 2021 - and the online exhibition content is available to enjoy for a full year...

RootsTech Connect 2021 welcomed more than 1 million participants from 242 countries and territories at its completely virtual, online debut.

Although the “event” portion of the experience ran from 25–27 February 2021, anyone can continue to create custom watch lists from the 2,000 free, on-demand videos at RootsTech.org.

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A totally new way to connect

Steve Rockwood, FamilySearch CEO, said: 'The 3-day RootsTech Connect 2021 virtual event was literally just a ribbon-cutting of a totally new way for people to connect with others and to learn globally.

'Online learning is now core instead of ancillary. And the big difference is it’s not just 3 days but 365 days. We want to continue to globalize and localize learning and discoveries.'

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Jennifer Allen, manager of the RootsTech effort, said many participants are warming up to the reality that all of the content is now freely available on-demand; that they can continue to enjoy the content all year long - even if they missed the annual event: 'This was just the "opening weekend", she explained.  'They can continue to build their playlist and watch and share content whenever they want. It’s a new norm.'

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