New website for Society of Genealogist events


08 February 2021
Discover genealogy events with the new Society of Genealogist (SOG) events website.

Discover your family history through a programme of events and online events from the Society of Genealogists. The new website has listings of family history events taking place of the coming months and you don't need to be a member to attend (SOG members receive a 20-35% discount). 

There are three event categories:

  • Family history & genealogy
  • Social & local history
  • Digital family history

Events within these categories are divided into: recorded events, one-hour talks, half-day event & tutorials, and 'everything else'. 

Family Tree columnist Diana Cambridge is giving a one-hour talk on 20 March at 4pm:

Telling your Family Story in Column Inches 

Come along and discover ways of writing your family stories in easy bites, without sending your disenchanted family to sleep! This talk is for you if you’re keen to write your family history. Suitable for absolutely all levels of family history experience.

Diane Lindsay wants to inspire you to overcome your fears and put pen to paper.

Worried that you don’t know where to start, or perhaps you have too much to say? Diane has solutions.

Concerned that you don’t know enough to write? Diane reveals to you that you know more than you think.

Finding it hard to plan?  Diane provides you with handy hacks to help you pick a theme, create a mind map, and – best of all – start remembering.

Thinking your writing skills aren’t up to it?  Diane shows you how to overcome this self-doubt and write a family history to be treasured down the generations.

A one-hour talk with Diane Lindsay, cost £10.00. Details on the SOG website.