Lady Jane Grey takes the throne of England - On this day in history


10 July 2016
10-July-Lady-Jane-letter-wikipedia-public-domain-61171.jpeg Lady Jane Grey
The ‘Nine Day Queen’ Lady Jane Grey began her short reign on 10 July 1553

On this day in history, 1553: Lady Jane Grey takes the throne of England, but her reign to last just over a week. By 19 July the ‘Nine Day Queen’ was imprisoned in the Tower of London, as the Privy Council had decided to back the claim of Mary Tudor (Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon’s daughter) instead. Lady Jane was just a teenager when she was beheaded in early 1554, but she had gained the reputation of one of most well-read women of her day. Like many of our 16th century ancestors, she held her religious beliefs dearly, and refused to convert to Roman Catholicism, dying a staunch Protestant.

Pictured: One of the incriminating documents, in which Lady Jane had signed her name ‘Jane the Quene’.

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