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02 April 2019
Julia-Bell-20123.jpg Julia Bell
How to trace an abandoned baby – using DNA testing

How to trace an abandoned baby – using DNA testing


Julia Bell will be speaking on ‘How to trace an abandoned baby – using DNA testing’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Julia Bell’s talk:

Why was a nine-month-old baby left in a bush on the highest point of the South Downs on a beautiful summer’s afternoon in late August 1937?

Decades later, both parents were identified through DNA, one in a very unusual way. The mystery that foxed Scotland Yard in the 1930s was eventually solved by science. Julia will take your through the twists and turns of this incredible story to its fascinating conclusion.


This talk is for you if you love a great research story combined with top research tactics.


Suitable for everyone!


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Julia Bell will be speaking at 2pm on Friday 26 April 2019


Mini bio:

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Julia Bell was most recently featured as the ‘DNA Detective’ on ITV’s Long Lost Family.

Her speciality is difficult to solve foundling cases, she uses DNA results and detective skills to unpick even the most complex, where leads are very few or non existent. She has now solved numerous cases in the UK and overseas. She also has a proven track record for finding GI fathers based in the UK in WW2.


Julia has now appeared as the ‘DNA Detective’ on various TV programmes as well as being featured in the press and on the radio.


Julia believes most UK unknown parentage cases can now be solved, in fact, all of them if the families concerned have been rooted in the UK for the last few generations. She already achieves what some have called impossible. Julia also aims to promote genetic genealogy in the UK and to encourage UK database growth. Website: https://juliabelldna.co.uk



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