How to save those pennies


15 September 2016
penny-1193447_1280-80623.jpg Save pennies
Philippa McCray helps you save money on your family history

In Family Tree October Philippa McCray offers 10 useful things you need to know to help with saving money on your family history.

We all know that there is a cost to any hobby and family history is no exception! Don’t be deterred... whether you need a birth, marriage or death certificate, are considering renewing or taking out a subscription to a commercial genealogy website or are thinking about taking a DNA test or buying some new software, there are ways you can save money when researching your family history!

You never know, Great Aunt Phyllis might just have a copy of her mother’s birth certificate tucked away but because you’ve never asked you don’t know! Finding and chatting to new or long lost relations can really reap rewards.

Take advantage of free online resources and explore OGI - the Online Genealogical Index at OGI will check its database of over 300,000 genealogical sites and list those that meet your criteria, you will see which resources are free and which you will have to pay for. Not only can you save time trawling the internet but potentially save money as well!

Why not pop down to your local library to gain free access to certain commercial websites? You might even run into a member of your local family history society manning a Helpdesk who is able to help you knock down a brick wall and suggest new avenues for you to explore in your research. 

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Check out Philippa's 10 top money saving tips in Family Tree October, which you can download here!

Philippa McCray has been a family historian for more years than she cares to admit! An occasional contributor to Family Tree, she loves exploring unusual archives and never tires of 
her research.