Free public Black History Month lectures from Gresham College


23 September 2021
Browse the programme for Gresham College's free public Black History Month lectures.

The free lectures start on 6 October and can be watched online or in person at Museum of London.

The programme is as follows:

Blacks Britannica: Diversity in Medieval and Early Modern England 
Dr Onyeka Nubia
6pm BST Wednesday 6 October 2021
Museum of London/ Online/ Watch Later

Africans have been present in England for more than two thousand years, but we rarely see them or hear about them. And often their existence is dismissed as a figment of 'political correctness' or 'wokism.' This lecture will critically assess the myth of England's story as a 'sacred white space' and examine the evidence for diversity in medieval and early modern history. Africans are integral to English history and forgetting this diminishes Englishness, by preventing us from understanding ourselves.


Shakespeare, Race & Performance
Professor Farah Karim-Cooper
6pm BST, Tuesday 19 October 2021
Museum of London/ Online/ Watch Later

How do Shakespeare's familiar plays Othello and Romeo and Juliet reflect the early modern preoccupation with race and emerging concepts of colour-based racism? How do these ideas play out in early modern as well as in contemporary performance?

The Manuscripts and Intellectual Legacy of Timbuktu
Robin Walker
6pm BST, Thursday 28 October 2021
Museum of London/ Online/ Watch Later

The Malian city of Timbuktu is one of the world's oldest seats of learning and has an intellectual legacy of hundreds of thousands of manuscripts, coming from three great West African desert empires: Ancient Ghana, medieval Mali, and the Songhai Empire. These manuscripts offer a unique window into their history. Many remain unread. This lecture will look at how their study can be used to advance our knowledge of the intellectual history of the premodern world.

(image by Jamesfranklingresham, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0)