Family Historian v5 now available


29 March 2012
imports_CKEditor_family-historian-v5_93621-28611.jpg Family Historian v5 now available
Family Historian version 5 is now available.'Version 5 is a major step forward for Family Historian,' says Simon Orde, managing d

Family Historian version 5 is now available.

'Version 5 is a major step forward for Family Historian,' says Simon Orde, managing director of Family Historian publisher Calico Pie. 'We've added a powerful new tool for creating great-looking books & booklets. We've reworked and much improved our support for website generation and for creating family tree CDs and DVDs. We consider ourselves the world-leader for genealogy charts and diagrams, and we've taken that further and added a lot more great charting functionality in version 5. For example, there's a new tool for graphical relationship mapping which shows you in a diagram how any two people are related. We've also greatly improved data entry and data validation. We've added a lot of new features but at the same time worked hard to make the program look better, and be easier and nicer to use than ever.’

The new software boasts built-in scripting tools, which can be used to create new plugins. Plugins will also be available in a new online Plugin Store, and can support features like mapping using Google Maps, a timeline tool, a 'possible problem' report, a 'data-cleaning' tool to help with identity theft issues, an excellent 'search/replace' tool, and many more. They're all free, and as access to the store is fully integrated into version 5, installing them should be straightforward.

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Simon Orde says: ‘We believe that Family Historian is the only genealogy program to support scripting tools, the only one to support a Plugin Store, and the only one to support graphical relationship mapping. Just a few more items to add to the list of features that are unique to Family Historian.’

For full details and pictures of new features in version 5, see

Version 5 is available for purchase as a download from the Family Historian website. The boxed version is available for purchase via resellers (see and will shortly be available from Amazon - in the UK and the US.

It is also possible to purchase an upgrade from version 4 as a download (from the website) or on CD (from resellers).