Faces of the First World War


11 November 2011
Private_Tickle_jpg-97605.jpg Private Tickle
One of first 100 images uploaded to Faces of the First World War is of Private Tickle. Private Tickle enlisted on 7 September 191

One of first 100 images uploaded to Faces of the First World War is of Private Tickle. Private Tickle enlisted on 7 September 1914 and was accepted into the Army although he was under age. He was killed on 3 July 1916, aged 17, during the Battle of the Somme. His mother’s handwritten note on the photograph (taken a few days before his death) describes him as ‘One of the very best’. By Permission of IWM (HU 93549).

Today, Armistice Day 11.11.11, Imperial War Museum (IWM) has made 100 portraits of people who served in the First World War publicly available through Faces of the First World War on Flickr Commons at 1914.org/faces. The photographs, many of which have not been widely seen before, offer a personal and poignant record of the impact of the First World War. They are taken from a collection of thousands of portraits acquired by IWM when it was founded in 1917 to record everybody’s experiences of the Great War.

IWM will continue to upload an additional portrait from this collection to Flickr Commons every weekday until August 2014, the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, and would like the public to help find out more about the life stories of the people in the photographs by adding comments, information, links or text to the photos. Is the portrait one of your ancestors, a name on a local war memorial or from a regiment in your area?

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IWM acquired the portraits between 1917 and 1920, following an international public appeal that was advertised in the press as well as wartime ration books. In some cases, bereaved families donated their only photograph. Some photographs have only a name, rank and unit. Others were accompanied by detailed letters and biographies. Britain and the Commonwealth are represented, as are the range of military ranks and services.

Faces of the First World War is part of IWM’s preparations to mark the First World War Centenary in 2014-2018 by leading a vibrant, four year programme of cultural activities across the country, including the opening of brand new First World War galleries at IWM London in 2014. For more information visit www.iwm.org.uk.

Centenary Wall

IWM is also asking the public to remember the 16 million people who died in the First World War by lighting a light on its Centenary Wall. Their lights and names will appear on the wall in the galleries at IWM London. Light your light now at 1914.org/wall.