Explore Your Archive week is back for 2021!


16 November 2021
Explore Your Archive week returns, from 20 to 28 November, a UK and Ireland-wide initiative that aims to celebrate the richness and variety within archives.

The campaign, which was first established in 2014, is an all-year-round initiative which aims to engage with the general public to showcase the richness and variety within archives and demonstrate why they are relevant to our world today, what they can tell us and how they can entertain us. 

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The goals of Explore Your Archive are to encourage the public to explore archives and to urge archivists, records managers, conservators, researchers and lovers of archives of all kinds to share their experience and promote their collections and work throughout the year and particularly during Explore Your Archive week.

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Explore Your Archive themes

Each year the Explore Your Archive week of activities sets a daily theme and encourages archives around the UK and Ireland (and further afield) to post to those themes.

The website provides additional resources and a host of blogs from archives across the UK and Ireland. Daily themes (and hashtags) for #ExploreYourArchive from 20 – 28 November are:

  • 20 November: Small #EYASmall
  • 21 November: Big #EYABig
  • 22 November: Handwriting #EYAHandwriting
  • 23 November: Archive Selfie #EYAArchiveSelfie
  • 24 November: Collaboration #EYACollaboration
  • 25 November: Conservation Nightmare #EYAConservationNightmare
  • 26 November: Watch This Space #EYAWatchThisSpace

For more information, visit the Explore Your Archive Week website.