Edward Rowe takes Cornish Mining Heritage project around Cornwall primary schools


13 February 2020
Fresh from attending the BAFTA ceremony last weekend, Edward Rowe, aka the Kernow King, who played the lead role of Martin in the film Bait, was back at Cornish primary schools teaching them about their Cornish mining heritage.

Edward has developed an immersive learning experience called the Cornish Caretakers where he explores different characters from Cornish history or culture as part of an interactive performance.

The show explores six characters from Cornwall and west Devon mining history to teach  children about the Cornwall and west Devon Mining Landscape World Heritage Site. The history is brought to life with the help of a replica of the 'puffing devil' steam-powered road vehicle - originally invented by Richard Trevithick and recreated as a replica by engineering and carpentry students at Cornwall College in St Austell.

Cornish caretakers

Edward has also worked with the World Heritage Site Office to produce a one of a kind, mining-inspired board game Mines and Ladders, specifically for the project. The game takes the children on a journey across Cornwall, with real-life mining highs and lows moving them forward and back.

The Cornish Mining World Heritage Site team said: “We have been thrilled to be able to support this version of Cornish Caretakers. Having current engineering students involved has added so much value. Working with Edward Rowe has been an absolute pleasure; his passion for our mining heritage and Cornwall in general is wonderful and his creative approach has allowed us to reach children in such an engaging way. The show is a fantastic celebration of our mining heritage. It is sure to inspire the next generation of world changing engineers and miners!”

The production is currently touring primary schools throughout the World Heritage Site and beyond in Cornwall and West Devon.  

For more on the Cornish Mining World Heritage site, visit the website.

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