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25 January 2019
Donna-Rutherford-49109.jpg Donna Rutherford is speaking about 'Making the most of your autosomal DNA test' at Family Tree Live
Donna Rutherford will be speaking on ‘Making the most of your autosomal DNA test’ at Family Tree Live

Make the most of your autosomal DNA test

Donna Rutherford will be speaking on ‘Making the most of your autosomal DNA test’ at Family Tree Live

Introducing Donna Rutherford’s talk:


Donna Rutherford’s talk will be aimed at people who have tested and want to know what to do next.


It will cover methodologies and tips and tricks to identifying matches and confirming how they fit into your tree.


Included will be help with understanding how DNA is measured and how that can be used to predict relationships.


The talk will also include some real-life examples of confirming matches and how various tools can be used in the process.


Whether you are looking to confirm your tree, break down your genealogical brick walls, or find biological family, this talk will cover how to go about your research and make the most of your autosomal DNA test.


This talk is for you if you want to learn how to make the most of your DNA test results for greater family history discoveries.

Suitable for those who are looking to put their DNA test results into practical use for their research.

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Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Donna Rutherford will be speaking at 11am on Friday 26 April 2019.


Mini bio:

Donna Rutherford is a New Zealander with English and Scottish ancestry. She has been involved with genealogy for many years and more recently genetic genealogy. Donna works in London in the IT industry as a Global Business Operations Manager. In her spare time, she manages a Facebook group to help others with their DNA research. She has worked with Y DNA, mtDNA and has a lot of experience with autosomal DNA for her own research and helping others. Donna specialises in making the complex side of DNA testing easy to understand for those who are new to genetic genealogy and want to maximise the use of their DNA kits.


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