Discover the Genealogy Gadgets Club


22 September 2022
Family historians today embrace technology – and, to make sure you know about the tools you need, the Genealogy Gadgets Club is here to help. Discover more about the online club - part of Family Tree Plus - with this quick introduction.

The Genealogy Gadgets Club is your chance to find out more about the software, websites and technical tools we can all use to take our family history research further.

The club is part of the popular Family Tree Plus online community, which offers online meetings, resources, a library of Family Tree back issues, and much more. You can try Family Tree Plus for free right now!

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The Genealogy Gadgets Club meets once a month, via Zoom, on the last Thursday of the month, 1-2pm. But don't worry if you can't make it, every meeting is recorded for you to watch when you wish.

Each meeting will include: a demonstration of a useful tool (software, app, gadget), and the chance to chat about your genealogy gadget problems and solutions with our expert of the month and fellow club members. 

At the Genealogy Gadgets Club meetings you can look forward to help with:

  • Learning how to use the key family history programmes – and use them better.
  • Discovering which tools fellow family historians prefer – and why.
  • Plus: Keeping up to speed with new tools, apps and software releases for family history.