Are you a citizen historian?


08 January 2021
Volunteers play a vital role in transcribing, cataloguing and researching topics and aspects of history that might otherwise not so successfully see the light of day. In some circles the expression ‘citizen historian’ has become synonymous with such projects, but is the term appropriate for the tasks performed?

Are you a citizen historian?

(Perhaps without even knowing it)

We’d love to hear about the volunteer projects that you’ve been involved with and whether you consider yourself to be a citizen historian as a result.

To take our poll on Survey Monkey, just click here.

Thank you for taking the time - we really appreciate it and are sure it will reveal some fascinating findings. We’ll share the results online and in the next issue of Family Tree soon.

In addition, to read an indepth article on the many and varied roles of citizen historians in the genealogy and wider fields, keep an eye out for the March issue, on sale from 12 Feb. Once published, it will be available from here.

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Image courtesy Nathan Lemon on Unsplash