Alex Scott learns about her Jewish ancestry in Who Do You Think You Are?


26 October 2021
Presenter and former footballer Alex Scott learns about her Jewish ancestry and travels to Jamaica for the first time in her life to find out about her great-great-grandmother.

The seven-part series of the popular show features celebrities Ed Balls, Dame Judi Dench, Pixie Lott, Joe Lycett, Alex Scott, Joe Sugg and Josh Widdicombe, all of whom will explore different aspects of their family history, guided by genealogy experts.

In tonight's episode (26 October 2021) Alex Scott delves into both sides of her family history. Having known nothing of her Jewish ancestry on her mum’s side, Alex is proud to discover that her great grandad was at the Battle of Cable Street in London’s East End in 1936, facing down fascist followers of Oswald Mosley.

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On the other side of her family, Alex’s Jamaican grandparents were part of the Windrush generation. Alex travels to Jamaica for the first time in her life, following her beloved nan Philicita’s line, and discovers the enormous hardship her great-great-grandmother Henrietta Coombs suffered.

Two generations further back, Alex is shaken to learn about another ancestor whose lifetime began during the era of slavery and ended after its abolition.

Executive Producer for series producers Wall to Wall, Colette Flight, said: 'Who Do You Think You Are? is back with another line-up of Britain’s best-loved celebrities exploring their family histories across the UK, Ireland, Denmark and Jamaica. The incredible personal stories they unearth of their ancestors’ lives - from royal love triangles to labourers fighting for their rights, from Victorian child sweeps to battling fascists in London’s East end - reflect and illuminate all our collective history.'

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