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Top 50 most amazing moments of the past 100 years revealed


The end of World War II, the first man on the moon and the first organ transplant are among the most amazing moments of the past 100 years, according to a major international poll.

Researchers polled adults from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, UAE and Russia to identify the key historical moments, most incredible human feats, medical marvels and technological breakthroughs.

Other extraordinary events to appear in the top 50 include the demolition of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the first colour television in 1926 and the first email to be sent in 1971.

Top 50 most memorable events

1. The end of WWII (1945)

2. The first organ transplant (1954)

3. First heart transplant (Louis Washkansky, 1967)

4. Penicillin successfully used to treat a first patient for septicaemia or blood poisoning (1942)

5. First man on the moon (Neil Armstrong, 20 July 1969)

6. The demolition of the Berlin wall (1989)

7. First human in space (Yuri Gagarin, 1961)

8. Vaccine for tuberculosis (1927)

9. Creation of the first artificial heart (2015)

10. First chemotherapy treatment (1956)

11. Discovery of treatment for AIDS (1987)

12. Pacemaker invented (1958)

13. Women gain the right to vote in the UK (1928)

14. Colour television (1926)

15. First efibrillator (1947)

16. Programmable computer (1936)

17. Satellite sent into orbit (Sputnik 1, 1957)

18. Development of the contraceptive pill (1960)

19. Laser eye surgery for vision correction (1983)

20. First dialysis machine created (1943)

21. First 'test tube baby' conceived using IVF (1978)

22. First mobile phone conversation (1973)

23. MRI scan of a human being (1977)

24. First black US President (Barack Obama, 2008)

25. Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speech (1963)

26. The first blood bank opened (1937)

27. First email sent (1971)

28. Scientist Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web (1989)

29. Nelson Mandela released from prison (1990)

30. Photographs sent from Mars (1976)

31. Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat in protest of racial inequality (USA, 1955)

32. Invention of GPS (Roger L. Easton, 1974)

33. First cloned mammal (Dolly the sheep, 1996)

34. First text message sent (1992)

35. First racially desegregated school in the US (1957)

36. Digital camera (1975)

37. Movie with sound ('The Jazz Singer', 1927)

38. Women gain the right to vote in Germany

39. The moment Alan Turing broke the Enigma code (1945)

40. First female President (Marma Estela 'Isabel' Martinez Cartas de Peron, Argentina, 1974)

41. Roald Amundsen reaching the North Poll (1926)

42. First supersonic Concorde flight (1969)

43. First woman to pilot a solo transatlantic flight (Amelia Earhart, 1932)

44. Invention of the Compact Disc (1980)

45. Instant-colour camera film (1963)

46. First video to be uploaded to YouTube (2005)

47. Invention of the world's first video game (a game that inspired the 1970s classic, Pong) (1958)

48. First commercial jet flight (between London and Johannesburg) (1952)

49. Inaugural football world cup (Uruguay, 1930)

50. Live Aid concert (London, 1985)

The research of 8,000 adults was commissioned by Hilton to mark 100 years since the hotel company was founded.


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