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Penny Walters - Family Tree Live speaker profile



Ethical dilemmas in genealogy discussed

Dr Penny Walters will be speaking on ‘Ethical dilemmas in genealogy’ at Family Tree Live


Introducing Dr Penny Walters’ talk:

This popular hobby of family history has led to many people using a huge variety of methods to search for ancestors and relatives, but have we considered the potential ethical dilemmas in our quest to research individual people’s lives?

Traditionally the task of devising a family tree involved asking our relatives for names and dates, and gradually piecing together the clues of a paper trail over many years. Now it involves dealing with records on the internet, perhaps taking a DNA test, and encountering strangers who can view our trees, glean information about our family members’ lives and add our family photos to their own research.

In her presentation, Dr Penny Walters will look at the values and rights that we, as ethical genealogists should be considering. She will consider the issues that can perhaps be alleviated by studying courses, and joining professional bodies, and she will discuss a range of ethical dilemmas: for example, finding secrets, lies, unexpected ethnicities, relatives who now aren’t related, bigamy, adultery, criminal records, slavery enslavement. Finally, she will cover the etiquette and ethical dilemmas involved with approaching matches online. 


This talk is for you if you do family history(!) – whatever stage you’re at. From those just curious, to long-time experts, in addition to being thorough and accurate investigators, we also need to be diplomatic, compassionate and more.


Come along to Family Tree Live find out more…

Dr Penny Walters will be speaking at 13.00 on Saturday 27 April 2019


Mini bio:

Dr Penny Walters lectures internationally in genealogy (adoption, ethical dilemmas, mixed heritage, mixing DNA results with a paper trail, psychology of searching); and undergraduate and Masters Psychology and Business Studies. https://www.searchmypast.co.uk/


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The talks are included in your all-inclusive Family Tree Live ticket price. To find out more about this brand new family history event at Alexandra Palace, click here!


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To download the programme of talks just click here!

Go to www.family-tree.co.uk click Family Tree Live, then Lectures & Workshops


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