WEBINAR: Tracing a house history in England and Wales 16th Dec


10 November 2020
DISCOVER THE MAIN RESOURCES to trace the history of your own home and where your ancestors lived with leading UK house historian and the author of ‘Tracing Your House History’ (Pen and Sword Books), Gill Blanchard. 6.30pm Wednesday 16th December

LEARN WHERE TO FIND RECORDS FOR HOUSE HISTORY locally, nationally and online.

FIND OUT WHICH SOURCES TO USE to place a building in time and place, uncover who lived in it, what else it was used for and when it was built.

Resources focussed on in the webinar include:
census returns
tithe and enclosure maps
the inland revenue valuation survey
the national farm survey
and directories.

The talk will be hosted on Zoom and begin at 6.30pm on Wednesday 16th December. It will last an hour, followed by time for questions.

Tickets cost £10.
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About the presenter
Gill Blanchard is a professional genealogist, writer and tutor based in Norwich, as well as the author of three genealogical guides: Tracing Your East Anglian Ancestors, Writing Your Family History and Tracing Your House History. She is a full member of AGRA and teaches and gives talks locally, nationally and online. www.pastsearch.co.uk

Any queries, please email helen.t@family-tree.co.uk