Webinar Recording: DNA Absolute Beginners


06 October 2021
Do you know very little about DNA but would like to change that? Get started on your DNA genealogy journey with this webinar recording presented by DNA expert Michelle Leonard, course tutor on our hugely popular DNA Bootcamps.

In this 1 hr 30 mins webinar recording, DNA Detective Michelle Leonard explains:

  1. The key words - busting the jargon
  2. How you inherit it from your ancestors
  3. What your ethnicity results mean
  4. And give examples of the sorts of discoveries you may make when using it to trace your family history

Access the webinar recording now for £10

You do not need to know anything at all about DNA to find this webinar recording a rewarding learning experience!

Webinar first broadcast on 16 September 2021 as a live session.
Please note: once purchased, you will receive a PDF download with details of how to view the video recording.


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