Webinar: Inquisitions Post Mortem for family and local historians with Richard Tolson, 26 June


07 June 2024
Inquisitions Post Mortem a Family Tree genealogy webinar with Richard Tolson 6 June 2024 Inquisitions Post Mortem a Family Tree genealogy webinar with Richard Tolson 6 June 2024
Come and learn about 'Inquisitions Post Mortem - What are they and what are their value to family and local historians?' with Richard Tolson on 26 June, 6.30pm UK time.

What are Inquisitions Post Mortem?

Inquisitions Post Mortem originated following the Norman conquest and were a consequence of the feudal system. The very earliest ones don't survive, but they are fairly complete from 1236 onwards in the reign of Henry III until 1660 when they were discontinued.

Inquisitions Post Mortem were hearings held before juries summoned by the sheriff and normally chaired by a crown official known as an Escheator.

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What details about people & places do Inquisitions Post Mortem include?

They were held as a result of a chancery writ to ascertain as a minimum, the value, terms of tenure and details of land held by a recently deceased tenant along with the identity and age of the heir or heiress to the estate and the date of death of the deceased.

However, they often contained more detail than this such as proof of identity of the heir, a declaration of wardship if the heir was under age, provisions for dower of widows and sometimes very detailed information including the names of sub-tenants, fields and houses.

Inquisitions Post Mortem contain a wealth of information from a period well before parish records and are a valuable tool in recording land tenure over time as well as genealogical information not found elsewhere.

How to attend the talk

Richard Tolson's webinar will be presented live, on Zoom, at 6.30pm on Wed 26 June 2024, UK time.

Tickets cost £10 - register your place here.

All members of Family Tree Plus will be automatically registered for the webinar the day before the event.


About the speaker, Richard Tolson

Richard Tolson is a Director of the Register of Qualified Genealogists. He is Northumberland-based professional genealogist with an MSc in Genealogical, Palaeographic and Heraldic Studies from the University of Strathclyde. His specialist interests include medieval Latin, heraldry, military history, agricultural history, palaeography and local history.

Richard specialises in the research, creation and publication of informative, illustrated family history books for his clients, and has also written a 3 volume series on his local parish of Stannington.

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