WEBINAR DNA Absolute Beginners


25 June 2021
Do you know absolutely nothing about DNA, but would like to change that?  If so, join us for DNA Detective Michelle Leonard's webinar.

In 1 hr 30 mins Michelle will explain:
1. The key words - busting the jargon
2. How you inherit it from your ancestors
3. What your ethnicity results mean
4. And give examples of the sorts of discoveries you may make when using it to trace your family history

You do not need to know anything at all about DNA to find this live webinar a rewarding learning experience and there will be the chance to ask Michelle your questions at the end.

Tickets £10. The webinar will take place live on Zoom. A recording of the webinar will be made, for you to view at your leisure for 7 days afterwards.

To book your place, please click here

Any queries about the webinar, please email [email protected]