Tackling those family history brick walls!


25 September 2020
Presented by Mary Evans

Friday 6th November, 11.30am (GMT)

About the webinar

Is it a problem with your ancestor's name, the place they lived, their age, or how their relationship was recorded? Or, perhaps, is the record you need simply not there? Have the ancestors left misleading information - deliberately or by mistake? There are so many reasons why we sometimes find that we cannot locate the records we need to trace our ancestors' lives. These family history problems - when you've tried everything, but just can't move forward with your research - are known as brickwalls.

Brick walls can be infuriating, but they are not necessarily there to stay, and you are certainly not alone in coming across such family history problems. We all have them - and there are some brilliant research strategies that we can all master. And once we've done so, you may be pleasantly surprised that that brickwall you'd thought was rock solid, easily comes tumbling down in the face of your new-found research skills.

Professional genealogist Mary Evans is often called in to work on some of the celebrity cases on the TV show Who Do You Think You Are? (she's worked on the latest series airing this October) to help unlock the clues and piece together the stories of the celebrities' family history. In her webinar on 6th Nov, she'll reveal to you how you too can:

  • look at the evidence in front of you analytically.
  • think of new strategies to help you trace your ancestor's whereabouts in the records.
  • learn how to find alternative records that may hold the clues and evidence you need.
  • master how to cross-check your findings so that even when your research feels challenging you can be confident that you are researching thoroughly and effectively, to maximise your chances of finding your missing ancestors.

So stop banging your head on your brickwalls. Come along to Mary's webinar and learn about the skills, strategies and alternative steps and sources that can help you trace your family tree, even when the going gets tough.

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom and begin at 11.30am on Friday 6th November. It will last 1 hour 30 mins (inclusive of questions time).

There will also be a follow-up session, 11.30am on Friday 27th November - it will be held as a zoom meeting hosted by Helen Tovey & Mary Evans so that webinar attendees can ask further advice, having put into practice the tips Mary will have suggested in her webinar. Follow-up session included in ticket price below.

Tickets cost £10

To book your place, please click here

(This is a live event and will not be available as a recording. Places are limited)

Here is a clip of Mary Evans with advice to help if you need to tackle a brickwall involving a place. Are you stumped as to the birthplace for your ancestor for instance? This is just the sort of practical tips and insights she'll be sharing in her brickwalls webinar on 6th November. Enjoy!

About the webinar tutor
Mary Evans has been researching her family tree for more than 40 years, has contributed to research on TV series 'Who Do You Think You Are?' and Julian Fellowes' Great Houses'. Mary is a regular contributor to Family Tree.

Any queries, please email helen.t@family-tree.co.uk