Presentation: Learn about haplogroups, available via the FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder tests, with Donna Rutherford, 17 July


21 June 2024
Join us for the July Family Tree DNA Club webinar, at which Donna Rutherford will be sharing information about the haplogroups, available to those with a Family Finder test from FamilyTreeDNA

Haplogroups are usually associated with Y-DNA and mt-DNA tests – for people who have taken a Y or an mt test, to learn about their direct fatherline or motherline. Now FamilyTreeDNA are providing haplogroup information to testers who have taken a Family Finder autosomal test. Haplogroups allow us trace our deep ancestry, making connections to the more distant past and discovering more about our ancestors’ migration and origins across the millennia.

How can I join the DNA Club webinar

The webinar will take place on Zoom on Wednesday 17 July, 12.30pm UK time with Donna Rutherford.

DNA news will be presented by Karen Evans

This webinar presentation is part of the DNA Club programme brought to you by Family Tree Plus.

The online learning session will last one hour: with DNA news, then a 30-40 minute presentation, followed by time for questions.

The session is available two ways:

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to those on a 7-day free trial to Family Tree Plus (to take a free trial see

to members of Family Tree Plus (£7.99 a month for existing Family Tree subscribers; £9.99 a month for non-subscribers) - for details, see here.

If you have any queries about the presentation or about Family Tree Plus, please email [email protected]

About the speaker

Donna Rutherford, a London-based Genetic Genealogist, blends New Zealand heritage with ancestral ties to England, Scotland, and Ireland. Her fascination with genealogy began in her teens, and in 2015, she took her first DNA test. Since 2017, Donna has shared her expertise internationally, demystifying DNA for audiences.

As a Facebook group administrator, she guides others through DNA mysteries, encouraging them to learn more about using DNA in their own genealogy research. Donna specialises in solving tricky DNA cases such as unknown parentage, surprise results and foundlings.