Turn back time with your precious family images


24 September 2021
Even though we take great care of our collections of family photos, time can take its toll. Discover how to ‘turn back time’ with the Vivid-Pix RESTORE photo restoration tools in this simple step-by-step guide.

Family pictures are precious snapshots in time, preserving memories of people, places and events from yesterday and yesteryear. For this reason it is vital that we do the utmost to conserve those images, so that we can pass them on to future 
generations in the best possible condition.

Vivid-Pix RESTORE provides online tools to enable you to digitally restore copies of your family photos, restoring them to their former glory.

Step 1 

Visit Vivid-Pix RESTORE. Take the free trial. This allows you to digitally restore up to 10 images completely free of charge and save them to your computer. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install Vivid-Pix RESTORE.

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Step 2

Select an image



Step 3 

Choose the type of fix you’d like to make from the left-hand column of options. And choose your favourite restoration image from the grid of nine options.


Step 4 

In addition to fine tuning for type of image type, the Detail Edit area provides the ability to just click a few buttons to adjust lightness, contrast vividness (saturation), sharpening and colour.


Step 5 

As mentioned Vivid-Pix also comes in handy for preserving documents. As with photos you can use the software to create a more legible restored version. 

Step 6 

In addition you may wish to use the Zoom/Transcribe feature to add comments. These are stored in the metadata of the image.


Step 7 

Select ‘View/Edit Metadata’ to add a title, to add or edit your comment/transcription, and to add tags, so that you can search your computer for the image.


As Rick Voight of Vivid-Pix says, “Metadata is like digitally writing on the back of the photograph” – helping you to keep all those relevant details securely recorded.


To subsequently view the metadata for an image: simply search for the words you added in Tags (similar to internet searching – instead searching your hard drive), and/or choose your image, right click on it, scroll down to ‘Properties’, select the ‘Details’ tab, select the title, subject, tags, or comments to view the full metadata details that you previously entered in Vivid-Pix RESTORE. By providing the transcription and metadata fields within Vivid-Pix RESTORE, the software enables you to streamline your workflow for an optimum digitised family history home image archive.

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