The Family Tree Academy Weekend Conference - Programme


25 June 2020
The first Family Tree Academy: Weekend Conference, in association with FamilySearch, will be taking place online 24 to 26 July 2020. See the full programme here and save the dates!

The team of presenters from FamilySearch will take delegates through topics aimed to help people both new to family history and those already with some years of experience.

The presentations will be aired live right here and you will be able to put your questions to the presenters at the end of the live sessions each day via Facebook Live. The presentations will start at 5pm each day (24 to 26 July), and each will run for approximately 20 minutes each, with comfort breaks, closing with the presenter Q&A session.

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Friday 24 July, from 5pm:

Getting started on your family history – Brian McKechnie
This presentation explores some of the questions and outlines some simple answers to help you start your own family tree. Why is family history so popular; how do I get started; what does it cost and where can I get help? Aimed at those new to family history

FamilySearch overview and resources – Tim Manners
An introduction to and a tour of its resources. From Family Tree (the free online FamilySearch tree) to our interactive digital catalog, how to navigate the menus and become familiar with the range of offerings. Beginner to intermediate

How to start your family tree on FamilySearch – Andrew Milnes
We will explore getting started on FamilySearch, account creation and starting to build your own tree and linking this to the FamilySearch Global Tree. Aimed at those new to family history and wanting to start their own Family Tree experience.

Saturday 25 July, from 5pm

Discovery experiences on Family Search – Keith Penfold
This presentation shows some of the fun activities that can be found on FamilySearch which help to introduce children and teenagers to family history. Aimed at those with children, grandchildren or who want to encourage young people to discover their family history

An introduction to memories (The importance of having a personal digital asset plan) – Virginio Baptista
This presentation will introduce you to the world of memories, the challenges we all face when trying to organise, save and preserve our memories, especially in this digital era. Aimed at those that have started or want to start to organise their personal and family memories

How to make Family History fun for all ages – Jacob Hawkins
Outlining different activities that can be utilised in family home evenings, youth classes and such that utilise FamilySearch. Fun engaging ideas that can help parents getting kids and youth to become proactive in doing family history and discovering interesting ways to feel connected to our ancestors.

Sunday 26 July, from 5pm

Introduction to FamilySearch mobile apps, Tree and Memories - Tim Manners
A review of the Family Tree app, how to view and add information. Learn how to navigate the Family Tree, view more information about individuals and add new details. A review of the Memories App and how to add new media. Beginner to advanced.

Helping your relatives to share their Memories - Brian McKechnie
Every family has memories they want to keep such as old photos, journals and historic items. Learn how to help your relatives preserve their memories, including using audio and video tools. Some ideas for simple interview techniques and other fun ways to share your unique heritage. Beginner to advanced

How to share my family history and memories - Torsten Kux
This presentation will introduce you to some simple and easy ways to share your family history, including photos, stories and audio files using FamilySearch. Aimed to those who have started with their family history, but now want to share that with family and friends and get them involved. Beginner to advanced.