Is your name on the top 100 most endangered baby names list?


27 August 2020
Names that have been very popular in years gone by are about to become extinct in England and Wales, new research shows.

Flowercard have delved into the latest ONS data to reveal the baby names which are falling out of fashion and are at risk of becoming extinct altogether.

The findings revealed:

  • Kirsty, Jordan or Shauna are endangered names, experiencing the biggest drops in popularity between 2000 and 2019
  • Perhaps most surprisingly, at number six is the name Lauren which featured in the top 20 names in 2000, but took a drop of 98.02%
  • Kieran was a popular name in 2000, with 2,586 baby boys given this name, compared to 116 in 2019, a popularity decrease of 95.51%
  • The name Callum ranked as the 13th most popular name 20 years ago, but after a drop of 93.50%, is now one of the UK’s most endangered

Endangered girls names

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Endangered boys names

Endangered names 100

Research method

Flowercard used ONS data of baby names for girls and boys in England and Wales from 2000-2019. They then looked at a number of names that were popular in 2000 but had decreased in popularity dramatically in 2019 as well as a number of other names that are far less popular in recent years.

Next, they calculated the percentage by which the popularity of the name had dropped from 2000 to 2019 to present their list of 100 endangered baby names above.

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