How to use a magnifying sheet for family tree research


13 April 2017
magnifier_sheet-13774.png Magnifier sheet
On our ancestor-hunting quest we don't want to let a single clue pass us by, right? Well this simple magnifying aid will help ensure you've got every last detail. 'Zoom in' and enjoy!

In our ancestor-hunting quest we're not about the broad brush of history - we're all about exploring our own ancestors' unique and special lives.

We want to know the details - as it's the details that make the story.

We don't just want to know that our ancestors were in the Army. We want to know which battalion they served in, which battle they fought in.

When looking at old photos, we don't want to just know that they were 'Victorians'. We want to learn about the lives they led - where they affluent, or just dressed in their best for that special trip to the photographers?

Are there occupational clues in their clothes? Is that granny's brooch depicted in sepia - a tiny detail on a picture from over a century ago.

Likewise with maps and certificates - we hunch over them, extricating every last clue and revelling in all that they might be able to tell us about our ancestors.

Having an magnifying aid to hand is a really good idea when you're studying your family history records and photos. You might think that you can see everything clearly, but it never hurts to check and you might be very surprised at what comes into view! If you're dealing with digitised records you can of course zoom in on screen.

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But for instant help, why not use a magnifying aid?

This sheet is particularly useful as, being flat, you can slot it in a poly pocket in your ringbinder, or just pop it in your bag, to make sure you've got it with you wherever you go. Also measuring nearly as big as a piece of A4 paper, it gives you a really nice big viewing area. Simply hold the sheet about 4 inches/10 cms away from the document that you wish to study, and voila!

Buy a magnifier sheet today!


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