How to order a will - a step-by-step guide


08 November 2020
The price of ordering many wills has recently dropped to £1.50 per will so it's worth making use of this valuable family history resource. Find out how to order a will in our step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Go to the Find A Will website here.

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Step 2

Select your time frame, e.g. 1966-present, 1858-1996, soldier's wills etc. Then enter the surname and year of death.

Step 3

Find the entry in the National Probate Calendar and then use these details to fill in the fields on the right-hand side: date of probate, date of death, probate office etc.


Step 4

Add the will to your basket and pay online via card. NB the will won't be available to access immediately but you'll be notified when to expect it. (Our order placed on 30 October 2019 was delivered by email on 2 December 2019).



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