Find UK ancestors by region

Your guide to British genealogy records and resources to help you trace your UK ancestors. Discover the record offices and archives that hold vital family tree records in towns and regions across England, Wales, and Scotland, including Aberdeen, Cornwall, and Birmingham.

Discover how to find your Sheffield ancestors with our guide to family history resources held at Sheffield City ...


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Find out more about the lives and times of your Oxfordshire ancestors with our guide to the best places to carry ...


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Find your Yorkshire ancestors with our guide to ten top places to carry out your family history research. ...


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Do you have Jersey heritage? Discover how the records at Jersey Archive can aid your research ...


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Genealogist and lecturer Dr Bruce Durie has invaluable tips on how to get started with Scottish ancestry, the key ...


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Historian and genealogist Dr David Wright presents expert advice on finding your Kent ancestors, through a rich ...


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