Family Tree webinars: what our participants thought


01 November 2020
Thinking of booking our webinars? To help you make up your mind, take a look at what previous participants said.

About Mary Evans’ webinar on family history brickwalls:

I certainly did enjoy Mary's talk, Helen and thank you very much for organising it.  Yet again, the webinar was clear, informative  and gave the impression of being very personal, just like Michelle Leonard's on DNA last month. Lynne

Please thank Mary Evans for an extremely interesting and helpful presentation. This is the best one I have heard regarding brick walls. Jenny

About Jayne Shrimpton’s webinar on photo-dating:

Thanks also for a brilliant webinar - I have participated in quite a few during lockdown and this was the best by far! Ann

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Absolutely fascinating and such an excellent speaker! Yvonne

About Michelle’s webinar on DNA:

Enjoyed it very much well worth the £10 thank you. I managed to understand and feel more confident with my research. Mary

About Jackie’s webinar on getting organised:

Jackie gave me lots of ideas and has spurred me into sorting out my study. Barbara

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