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21 December 2019
With family of all ages under one roof at Christmas, games are definitely a great way to enjoy time together.

With family of all ages under one roof, games are definitely a great way to enjoy time together. You’ll have your own family favourites, and we’ve included some ideas and activities below (and have given them a family history/history twist – of course!).

20 questions

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Print it. Cut up the name slips. And pop them in a cup. Feel free to add your own ideas for names too.

Who’s going to go first? Choose a name, don’t let anyone else see it. The rest of the room have 20 questions in which to work out ‘who you are’…

Remember – you’re only allowed to answer ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ to each question.

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Who’s the baby?

Get out your family albums or the famous family show box of snaps. Collect together all the pictures of babies in the family. (Make copies if you’re worried about sticky fingers). Now get the family to guess the identity of each of the babies.

Quiz time

This takes a bit of planning, but how about setting a family quiz (all based around the family history). Question ideas could include things like:

- What was granny’s maiden name?

- How did granny & grandpa meet?

- How many countries can you recall that the family has lived in?

- What’s Dad’s favourite recipe?

- And how do you make it?

- Where or who did the family tradition to do ‘x’ come from?

This is your life

Using your smart phone, ask everyone present if you can record a memory of theirs. You could theme it: earliest memories, funniest memories, most treasured memories, or just random memories that come to mind! It’s so easy not to record memories, and then one day wish you had… so take that time.

Days spent sharing time and family history with your loved ones is always going to be time well spent. Happy Christmas!

Planning time with the family

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