Donna Rutherford's Guide to Genetic Genealogy


21 May 2024
Join DNA expert Donna Rutherford for this exclusive 2-part webinar series, covering how to build expert research trees and how to improve your skills and become a DNA detective.

Taking place on 27 June and 2 July, this exclusive DNA webinar series will give you the skills and knowledge you need to make the most of your DNA test results and improve your family history research.

Each webinar will last approximately 2 hours and will be hosted by Michelle Leonard. There will be time for your questions, and each session will be recorded for you to watch in your own time, the videos available until 31 July.

Tickets cost £45 (or just £40 for Family Tree Plus members).

Part 1: Building Expert Research Trees

DNA expert Donna Rutherford will explain how to create a family tree that is completely hidden, and then how to add DNA matches into that tree, manage them effectively and start finding the connections.

She will include guidance on using hints (tree hints, thrulines and records) to quickly build these trees when you have to start with minimal information. There will also be hints on how to track the matches within these trees, merge people when you find connections and then how to get this research data into a main tree.

Donna will provide explanations and examples of why this method works and how to make it more successful with tips on good data organisation.

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Part 2: Becoming a Genetic Detective

Discover how to effectively identify and investigate DNA matches using various strategies to deduce how they are connected.

This session will include tips on: prioritising matches, analysing profiles for clues, best practices for reaching out to matches (sample messages and etiquette), demonstrating how to use social media platforms to gather information about matches.

You'll discover how to overcome the common challenge of unresponsive matches or matches with minimal available information, with plenty of examples presented in a fun and informative way.

About the speaker

Donna Rutherford, a London-based Genetic Genealogist, blends New Zealand heritage with ancestral ties to England, Scotland, and Ireland. Her fascination with genealogy began in her teens, and in 2015, she took her first DNA test. Since 2017, Donna has shared her expertise internationally, demystifying DNA for audiences.

As a Facebook group administrator, she guides others through DNA mysteries, encouraging them to learn more about using DNA in their own genealogy research. Donna specialises in solving tricky DNA cases such as unknown parentage, surprise results and foundlings.