DNA testing

Where will your DNA story take you? Unlock secrets of your ancestry and genealogy with guides on family tree DNA testing and next steps in family history research.

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Expert tips on making the most of your DNA matches from MyHeritage to contact your DNA cousins and explore common ...


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So, you’ve received your family history DNA test results and have a list of DNA matches to contact. Read on for ...


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DNA detective and genealogist Michelle Leonard talks to us about the fast-changing field of DNA and genealogy, and ...


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A new study provides the first fine-scale genetic map of the island of Ireland, revealing patterns of genetic ...


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Living DNA, together with some of the world's top genealogists and scientists is looking to create a worldwide ...


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Genealogy DNA expert Michelle Leonard presents her top 10 reasons to do a test ...


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Find out how much of your DNA you share with your relatives and ancestors with this consanguinity relationship ...


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Living DNA has announced the launch of One Family One World, a five-year project which aims to create a single ...


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GEDmatch has announced that the most important advance in years for genealogical DNA is currently in beta test - a ...


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Find out what a Living DNA test can reveal about your family history, as you discover your origins and find new ...


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How can a DNA test help you find your roots and explore your family tree? DNAAdoption present a guide on choosing ...


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Ready to discover more about your family history but not sure which DNA genealogy test is best for you? Read the ...


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